Creative Visual Methodologies: Affective Interventions in Archival Materials

Workshop for PGRs and ECRs that we are holding as part of the project on 25 May 2023 at the University of Bristol. 

The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to reflecting on arts-based visual methodologies, such as zine-making, and the potential of creating alternative archives. It will also introduce participants to photographs of wet nurses and babies taken in Lima, Peru, in the late nineteenth century, which we are exploring as part of our project. These photographs are housed at the Courret photographic archive in Peru’s National Library. 

The second part of the workshop will provide participants with the materials they need to make one page each of a collaborative zine by intervening creatively in reproductions of the photographs of wet nurses and babies.  

After the workshop, we will put the pages that participants create together and publish the collaborative zine dedicated to the photographs on the project website. We are also planning to incorporate images of the zine and recordings from the workshop into a video essay that we are developing. 

The workshop is being facilitated by:  

  • Rachel Randall (Senior Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies and Project PI, University of Bristol) 
  • Andrea Aramburú Villavisencio (Research Associate, University of Bristol)  
  • María Santelices (Research Administrator, University of Bristol) 
  • Daniela Meneses-Sala (PhD Researcher, University of Cambridge)
  • Micaela Meneses Haustein (Graphic Designer and MA Student, University of the Arts London)